Cutting carbon in Stoke Newington's homes

The blog lives…

Posted by JamieB on 14 November 2009

Oh yes it does.

Welcome to the RefurbN16 blog. This blog will become a repository for practical information on all aspects of low carbon homes of the type found in Stoke Newington and the rest of North London. We will provide practical information, hints and tips and we’ll also invite people who have actually done these measures to share their experiences here.

Here are the aims of this project:

  • Guide 10 to 15 homes in the N16 area through an energy efficiency refurbishment project
  • Measure the home’s energy consumption (both gas and electricity) and advise on what the best solutions are and how much they will cost
  • Cover all aspects of the home’s energy consumption from the lowliest light bulb upwards
  • Source the materials and installers to complete the work
  • Explore every opportunity for financial support that is available
  • Keep a record of the project via a blog so that others in Stoke Newington and across London can learn from the project
  • How far we go will depend on the house and the householder

We hope to find 10 or 15 homes who are willing to go through an entire energy efficiency makeover, however we will happily help people who are only intending to do a few measures with guidance and advice.

If you are interested in taking part, lending a hand or even just have a query regarding energy efficiency in your home then feel free to contact us. There will also be monthly open posts where you can pose your questions and discuss household energy efficiency.



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